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this is the first track on a demo EP i wrote/recorded/produced last fall. it's a pretty straightforward heavy rock song with lots of spacey synth textures all over the place. all guitars and vocals are me, everything else was sequenced in guitar pro and garageband. don't ask about the vocals at the beginning of the second verse, haha.

bear in mind that this was ll recorded on my macbook mic. i think it sounds pretty good, considering...i've picked up a bit of knowledge about production through trial and error and by listening to devin townsend :p. since this was made i've gotten better at working with midi in guitar pro, so future material will have more realistic sounding backing instruments. or more actual instruments, depending on whether i can get cheap microphones capable of recording bass and drums.

tell me what you think!


That is really good, dude. The guitar is awesome. The vocals are pretty crazy haha. The drums are really good, too. Way better than I can do. Props!