If the neck dimensions for the necks are the same..does that mean it feels the same?does it matter whether its 5 pc or 1 pc? because i have tried ibanez models that are prestige not all fit into my hand well...
an example is i tried a RG1570 2009 model and i dont really like the neck but when i tried the 2010 JS2400 model it feels good but i checked the dimensions :

Scale 648mm/ 25.5"
a : Width at Nut 43mm
b : Width at Last Fret 58mm
c : Thickness at 1st 18mm
d : Thickness at 12th 20mm
Radius 430

Scale 648mm/25.5"
a : Width at Nut 42mm
b : Width at Last Fret 58mm
c : Thickness at 1st 20mm
d : Thickness at 12th 22.3mm
Radius 250mmR

not much difference but their feel is different
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The dimensions cant tell you the profile. The RG has a wide thin D shaped neck, the JS is a more rounded C, so it feels larger.
Minute differences in neck dimensions can have a huge impact on how the neck feels when you play it. Even among identical models, there can be subtle but distinct differences. That is why it is recommended that once you settle on a guitar model, you play as many of that particular model as you can get your hands on and choose the one that feels the best.
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Quote by littlephil
The dimensions cant tell you the profile. The RG has a wide thin D shaped neck, the JS is a more rounded C, so it feels larger.

hmm which series generally hae guitar with thin D necks with smaller width?
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Quote by littlephil
Pretty much only the RG. And smaller width? The RG necks are very narrow already!

yeah i have played some RG that is nice but some necks just dont feel right even though its rg or s series...because of what you said does that mean that the JEM will feel different from any other prestige even though it has same dimensions?
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Yes, the JEM has a different neck. I'm pretty sure its smaller than the RG neck too.
2mm at the back and 1mm at the nut may not look like much of a difference on paper, but it really does make a considerable difference to the feel of a neck. I physically can not play any guitar that has a neck thickness less than 21mm at the 1st fret, my hand cramps up and it causes me extreme pain. Bigger than 21mm though and I'm absolutely fine, even if "bigger" is just 21.5mm. Remember that with playing guitar nearly everything comes down to fractions of a millimetre.

That said, the others are all also right - the dimensions alone can't tell you anything about the actual shape of the neck, which makes just as much difference as the thickness. A V-shape neck veels completely different to a flat U-shape neck.
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hey buddy,looks like ibanez's are not the guitars for you...the 1570 has the thickest neck on a prestige,so If you're going for a prestige,you have to expect at least that thickness or even less than that.the jem is slightly thicker at 19-21,the wizard II thickness,but I doubt that it will make much of a difference..

look for some schecter or an LTD,they usually have the shape and thickness that you prefer.
sounds like you prefer small radius necks, however the more you play on a single neck the more you acclimatise to it, it may also depend on how the guitar i setup to start with and is one reason why i demand a full setup when buying any guitar.