Hey all,

I've gotten a lot better at guitar since picking it up about 6 months ago, I am really stoked and I'm practicing an hour a day! Really basic stuff, but still I feel really good about it! So, I hit a little snag today, I saw a tab and it went something like this:


Little nonplussed as to how to play this note. I know it's a supern00b question to ask, but how do I play this? It's a technique used in a lot of songs, and I really want to jump this damn hurdle!!! Can anyone help me out?

Thanks guys!

8 with your first finger, 10 with ring. Make sure you mute the D string or whatever it is with your first finger also.
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use the finger in used to hold down the the 8 to mute string in between
There are two options to playing this if you're not fingerpicking.

One way is to use hybrid picking. This involves picking the bottom two notes with the pick and then the higher note with your middle or ring finger. Here you just need to be sure that you get the right string and that the picked notes and the finger picked notes are the same volume. It's easy to overwhelm the higher notes if you don't be careful since they are played with a pick and a more aggressive stroke since it's hitting two notes.

The other option is just to mute the string in between the notes with your left hand and play it as a dead note that doesn't ring out. This one is easier, but you may get some noise from hitting the string.
if it is a finger picked then just pick accordingly, you can also hybrid pick which is basically finger picking with a pick also in your hand, or as mentioned you can just mute the string, like in the song panama by van halen, at one point there is a slight key change with a rather strange chord like this


as i recall anyway
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