are <$200 douglas decent quality because im looking for a guitar to mod up so what im asking is the body wood and licensed floyds decent because im going make a Dougson and take pieces off My JS1 and mix them up with another guitar
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I have a douglas siv-45, its a great cheap guitar especially to mod. The wood is nice. Resonates very well.
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They are very good - in their price range, there is simply no better value. Like the person above me, I've purchased a Douglas SIV-45 (not for myself but as a gift for my girlfriend). Of course I gave it a good test drive while I still had it - and I've never been more shocked. Though it cost $100, it outplayed and felt better than my $300 Epiphone, and my $200 Ibanez. It was my first experience with Rondo, and I was skeptical - It won't be my last though. Even now I'm making plans to mod a Douglas Fulcrum. They're good guitars. Worth much more than they cost.
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