Is it unsafe to drop tune from E to B? not for a long period of time but just to practice a song?
i dont recomend it sonce the strings would be so loose it would probably be unplayable
or sound like crap
to downtune and release some of the tension on the neck? i don't see how that will harm the neck in any way?
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When I read the thread name I was thinking, "gee what could possible be unsafe for a person's neck." lol

About the drop tuning: It is not unsafe for your neck but it will make your strings noticably worse.
well if i got like set up for drop D using 11s? i could like drop tube to b without being too floppy and "up tune" to E?
You could, I'm using 11s in E standard but dropping it to b from there will still be extremely flubby and the setup will go weird if you leave it. I'd recomend at least 13s for B standard, just grab a 7 string set and use the 9 or 10 for an extra in case of breaks on other guitars.
It's fine, just don't to it all at once. Give your neck time to adjust in between each tuning.
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Unless you have wuite thick strings then you'll find it hard to play in drop B. I used to tune from E to drop C and the strings were too loose for my liking, so I replaced the strings with higher guage ones and kept the guitar in drop C from then on. It houldn't damage the neck, but it will be hard to play with thin strings.

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it'll be fine. guitar necks are way stronger than people give them credit for. but it will sound awful. i had a friend who tuned his guitar down to B occasionally and it sounded absolutely terrible. but you can, yes.
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You can, it's going to be flop city though. I use .12 when I tune to B
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that drastic of a drop will need larger strings. i recommend getting some thick hybrids. like 11-heavy bottoms. so atleast 3 of em are thinner for regualr but droptune you have thick bottom strings.

i mean im using 10 heavy bottom for regualr and love em. if i was going that low on a 24.75 scale guitar? i would think 11 heavey bottoms would be the minimum possible.
Quote by aRandomSandwich
to downtune and release some of the tension on the neck? i don't see how that will harm the neck in any way?

It can be harmful if you don't loosen the truss rod too at the same time, cause then it's pulling the neck backwards and if there's not enough string tension to balance that, a back bow or even some bad warp can occur after a while.
If you really want to change tunings that much in one playing session get a Morpheus Droptune pedal. They aren’t perfect, but they’ll sound a lot better than your guitar will if you try going from D to B to E in the same day.