so i have an Ibanez rg120 it uses 9s so what i wanted to know is if i could use any string size i want or what i want to use thicker strings like 10 or 11 idk just thicker ones
you would need to adjust the tremolo bridge for one most likely(adjust the spring tension from the back to keep the bridge level), and jumping up to 11s would most likely need a truss rod adjustment to keep the neck straight. i use 11s and i set my guitars up for it to have them play and sound the best for that gauge.

but i wouldnt touch the truss rod until you have researched as much as you can about them or take it to a tech to have him give you a guitar setup for 11s. because its easy to break something if ya start turning the truss rod too much.
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how do i adjust the truss rod???

honestly i'd google truss rod adjustments and look at some guides on doing it, some guitar's came with a special wrench for it, some just require a certain sized allen wrench. but basically right to tighten(straighten the neck), left to losen(add some relief to the neck)...but i'd look for more info on it on google to learn as much as you can about it.

definately dont want to overtighten, overtighten = broken truss rod = borked over guitar neck = severe repair bill!
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