finally I bought my 1st acoustic as a prelude for my guitar journey....

So what's the next step u guys suggest me?
Go straight to learning song, or familiarize with the chords first?

By the way the guitar that I bought is jumbo size acoustic guitar...

when first time playing chord like g chord...i felt hard to reach the note and playing about 40min i already felt pain..it is normal right?

I an planing to practice guitar 1 hour a day starting tomorrow...is it enough?
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this site has many lessons but i recomend you start learning the open chords and practice strumming and picking and go on from there
the best way to learn the chords is to play songs with the chords
songs like "feel like making love" has a simple chord progression that would be good for a begginer
and the pain that bepends does it hurt in your fingertips because the strings are digging into your fingers or like your wrist or other parts of you
an hour a day sound fine for practice if your doing it right
i personally went straight into learning songs and learnt the chords that way dunno if it helped me or not, and 1 hour a day is long enough, but tbh i enjoy it so much i usually just do it for as long as i want, and that can be anything from 1-4 hours a day, hope what i said helped and made sense, im tired
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It sounds to me like english isn't your first language, so I'll excuse the grammar errors.

Pain in the fingertips is normal. You haven't built callouses yet. If it's like aching pain in the wrist though, that might mean you're putting too much stress on your hand. Relax a bit if this is the case.

If you start learning songs, you'll most likely end up learning chords on the way. And trust me, learning them through songs is a lot more fun than just mindless repetition.

Play for as long as you want. Yeah having a set schedule is good, but if your hand really starts to hurt, stop. No use killing yourself over it, you can pick it back up in an hour after your hand gets a rest. But if your hour is up and you feel like still playing, then by all means, keep on truckin'.

In short, do what you want to do. It's your instrument, and hopefully it will become your passion. Do it on your own terms.
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by the way normally need how to play the major and minor chord well? 1 month? if practice 1 hour per day....
Well, Petrucci used to practice for 8 or more hours a day, so I suggest that if you want to get good, you start practicing a shit load.
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i don't recommend you practice a "shit load" till you have developed calluses and your hand muscles have developed a bit. i'd play half an hour a day till my fingers have stopped hurting and my hand wasn't sore. what kind of guitar did you get, and did you replace the strings yet?

btw, why not head on over to justinguitar.com and see if there are some beginner lessons there that suit you?
Don't over-do it. Practice for 1 hour a day is a good amount for right now. Your fingers are going to be sore for a while until the callus builds. Chords/strumming/picking is good for now.

UG is a great resource but can be very over-whelming when just beginning. You almost don't know where to start. It might be wise to pick up a beginner book w/CD. Do you plan on taking lessons?
patticake@ I haven't replace the strings yet..planning to get a bronze 80/12 extra light gauge
SeeEmilyPlay@ I'm not planning to taking a lesson yet....better learn myself first.....
Welcome to the world of guitar!

Here's my thoughts:

-Fingertip pain is normal, the biggest thing I can suggest is play regularly. After a week of playing you'll find the fingers are already better, by week two you shouldn't even notice the difference. This brings me to my next point:

-PLAY REGULARLY! I have a stand that I leave the guitar on. I pick up the guitar and play whenever I have a few minutes. Sometimes I'll pick up the guitar and play for a couple of hours, sometimes I'll pick it up and play for 10 minutes. When it takes 30 seconds to get setup with guitar in hand it's a LOT easier to practice. Basically pick up the guitar on a whm, and put it down on a whim. If you play for ten hours because you want to great! If you play for 5 minutes 'cause you want to great! It all adds up!

-Use your favorite songs to learn techniques. When it was time to learn barre chords I learned to play "Under the Bridge" it's my favorite song, and it's very barre chord centric. Sure I butchered it for a while while my fingers got used to barring the stings and I developed the muscle memory. Wanting to play the song well was a big motivator for me. Starting out preactice simple songs with standard chords you like. "Wish you were here" is a popular starting point.

-Everyone develops at their own pace. It's cliche I know but it's true. Just keep playing what you like, and practicing the techniques that get you there. Once you know the techniques learn to apply them in other situations. Rinse and repeat until you die (meaning: you're never going to know everything about the guitar, you'll always be learning). Challenge yourself, always pick something a little harder then you can play. But don't get wrapped up in "I've been playing for a year, what techniques should I know?" Which brings me to my last point:

-WHATEVER you do make sure you are enjoying learning. Alter this as you see fit to make sure you enjoy the lifelong journey you've embarked on. Practicing should never be a "chore". If it ever becomes that then you need to alter your practice routine

hope that helps!
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The way I first started when I began playing was that I learned all the chords I could. A,Am,B,Bm,C,Cm,D,Dm,E,Em,F,Fm,G, and Gm are the chords you want to try to learn first, The bolded ones are the most used chords, and the most basic, so you want to learn those first, and learn how to change from chord to chord effectively. Just keep practicing, and you'll eventually get it, no matter how bad you sound atm, just keep at it, it will improve.