So i was putting some stuff away in my attic and i see a guitar case. I look in it and there's an old ass classical guitar. It turns out it was my dad's old guitar from the 70's. The brand is called Greco. The only problem is it the top wood has a small split in it on the side of the bridge opposite the neck. Is there any way this can be fixed or at least prevented from getting any worse when i restring and play it?
i guess if its on the top of the body you could take a thin peice of wood and glue it to the inside of the body under the split. im not sure if thats enough to keep it from splitting under the tension of the strings tho, im not exactly an expert on acoustic guitar repair... or acoustics in general.
I have a similar story. My father found his Gibson Classical acoustic from the 60's in his basement. The saddle behind the bridge was pulling away from the body and making the body almost "dip" or "bow". I just took it to a guitar tech and he fixed the bridge and gave her some much needed moisture. I'd let the professionals handle it- I wouldn't risk causing anymore damage.
same here you guys!
when we moved i found an old ass hell classical guitar a Gremlin GC-10 its got it worse off though. the back wood of the guitar has started to come off of the rest of it
I've said it before, its easier (and cheaper) for a luthier to repair a guitar, than it is for him to repair your attempt at repairing it.

Let a luthier look at it and fix it.
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Yeah i'm definitely going to take it to the shop. In the meantime should I unstring it?
Unless it looks like it could come flying apart any second now, I'd say leave it as-is, strings and all.