So I tried to higher the action on my Aria bass, it had really low action when I bought it. And while heightening the high G it broke, and this was before the string was at even medium height action:S I must admit this is the first time I changed action on a bass guitar, so I might have done something wrong, but what? im thinking off bringing my bass to a tech and let it be set up perfectly, but that will cost me atleast 50 euro. On the other end if I change the string again and break I will have to keep buying new strings till I get it. So what to do? Just some info:

Action was really low
Strings were new, 2 weeks on there
Strings were "normal" gauge in standard tuning
String broke at the bridge
Sounds like a part of the saddle was sharp and cut into the string. Take a look at the bridge saddle and use a file to soften and sharp points on it. If that isn't the problem, that you'll have to wait for someone else I'm afraid
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as you raise the string it puts more tension on it, like tuning up. that could have broken it