if yes, in waht ways? thx
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I dont think it will, if there is any sound change it'd be very slight. The OFR will be more reliable, i may be wrong.
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No, But it will give more reliable tuning stability and slightly better sustain.
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depends, if its a good quality LFR, its pretty much the same as an OFR, and its not really worth the effort to put the OFR in. If you've got a crap LFR, its probably worth putting an OFR on, but don't go putting an OFR on a crap guitar, there's no point
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which licenseed one do you have? if you have a gotoh or schaller or one of the good ibanez edges, then probably not. if you have a cheapo licensed floyd, then it probably will improve the tone as it'll have a far higher quality sustain block.
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