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Angus Young, Frank Zappa, Johnny Winter, Mick Taylor, Paul Stanley, Gary Rossington and James Hetfield. If you know any of these names, you know that it is synonymous with the Gibson SG.

This classic cherry red guitar with black scratch plate and white trim has dazzled me into a tectonic tremor of excitement.I have rediscovered the ear melting pleasure of classic rock when I recently went to see Deep Purple, Uriah Heap and Wishbone Ash at The Grand Arena, Cape Town.I am paying homage to the shredding guitar licks of Steve Morse and Mick Box by recreating my own “GLORYROD” of a Gibson SG.

On this blog you can follow my progress as I design, cut, shape, spray, and finally rock my little heart out on my own Gibson SG.

Follow my progress on :

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Johnny Winter

Gibson Firebird
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Paul Stanley

Gibson Les Paul (has a signature guitar)
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James Hetfield

ESPs and now a Les Paul.

And you know, if you want us to "follow your build", then you should post it here. I think external linking is forbidden, even more in this case where you could just post it here.

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