Alrighty, I've been quite torn between two guitars at the moment:
PRS SE One - $490 http://www.modernguitars.com/imagefiles/prs/07/SE-One-TS.gif

Vintage V52 - $380 http://gates-of-walhalla.net/images/instLarg/GW2714a.jpg

So far I've only tried the PRS through a Blackstar Studio 20 and I gotta say, the P90s sound delicious! I'm not a big PRS fan but the look and comfort of the guitar got me. I haven't tried out the V52 yet because the store hasn't got them in stock yet, but I've tried the lower end model, the V2 . For a relatively cheap guitar, it felt surprisingly comfortable and sounded good unplugged.

I play mostly blues and classic rock, but I'm buying the guitar to get more garage rock/indie sounds. I'll be using it only for clean and light crunchy overdrives. Tone would be preferably bright and punchy. My current amp is a Vox VT. Bands I like: The Strokes, The Libertines, The Greenhornes.
Your opinion is highly appreciated

Edit: whups, got the prices wrong
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I'd go the PRS, mainly because I can't stand fender style copies, and PRS are just ****ing mad. Never played one with P90s though, i imagine they'd go off.
I'd go with the PRS, altough you should try the tele. Some teles feel nice, and some feel like total crap, so i strongly suggest you play the Tele, before you choose.
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Vintage make some nice guitars at very budget prices. In UK it might be a closer call because the Vintage would be less money but in OZ(?), your stockist is going to also run into the Vintage QC wall and its a long way back to UK. (although closer to Vietnam)
Also here's a link to the Vintage VZ99 'Junior' which is closest to the PRS SE One http://www.dolphinmusic.co.uk/product/38760-vintage-vz99-bill-yellow.html
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