Hi everyone,

So at the moment I'm stuck in a rut. All I ever seem to play is the minor pentatonic, throwing in blues notes and occasionally turning it into a dorian scale (I think it's dorian...)

I'm looking for songs that use the major pentatonic, and songs that combine both the major and the minor.

I would like to start simple, just easy stuff to get the flow of the major pentatonic in my head and then increase the difficult.

My influences are: Oasis, Pearl Jam, Santana, The Beatles, Cream, The Rolling Stones, The Stray Cats, Pink Floyd.

Really bluesy, classic rock sort of stuff. I don't play anything Metal or heavy (not a Metallica fan at all for the record haha)

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All the bands you listed were predominatly minor based, so working so hard at ur major scale may seem a bit unnatural.

Just expand on your minor scale, because you already know the pentatonic and blues variations of it. Then just learn the different positions of it. This then allows you to switch between the minor and the relative major pretty easily. And you'll alos find ways to play ur scales easier/more interestingly.

But i personally love switching up between minor, blues/pentatonic minor, harmonic minor, diminished and the relative major and the other things i've found. It works great for my shredding stuff, but some of those scales probably won't work under a light rock context.

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Crossroads by Cream... Clapton is the master. i believe he uses both A minor and A major penta in his crazy improv. solo. it's not that difficult of a song (except for the solo obviously. but with time and practice u can get it down)