so I've been looking to switch out the stock, cheap zinc trem block that came with my MIM Strat....... and I'm thinking about those big brass blocks.

I've mainly looked at three different places, but there is a massive price difference

at guitarfetish, a brass block for a MIM Strat is 23 USD

at callaham, a brass block for a MIM Strat is 60 USD

at killerguitarcomponents, they sell a MIM compatible one for 70 USD

so price-wise, I'd choose the one at guitarfetish, cause afterall, they are all just brass blocks................. right???

however, the fact that there is such an enormous price difference bothers me... is the one at guitarfetish somehow vastly inferior or something??

if somebody knows, can you please inform me on this??
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Maybe they mix in other metals/materials to make it cheaper.

And we all know how Ibanez's Edge III turned out.
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Im pretty sure the most difference the block will make is because the upgraded ones are full sized for better sustain/resonance.

GFS do claim its solid steel/brass. Id try it. My experiance with GFS has been great.