Thanks to matt, I have the templates for an ESP-F, but I am going to change a few things if I get my idea built:
- I like it THICK. Les Paul thick, if not thicker. At the moment I am considering how thick the lumber I can get is, but about 3 or 4 inches, solid. I like the weight.
- Queensland based woods - Queensland Maple, Iron Bark, etc, etc. Win - heavy as hell, good tone
- Thinking about making my own bridge out of a graphite rod and shaping it on a lathe then cutting the slots in. Will probably end up just having a tonepros though
- The string through design will be a bit different - I will have a contoured section of the body rise up so the strings don't have to bend as much when strung through - will look cool and be hella comfy
- Strangely carved top - all sorts of radii and angles
- 3 pole switching for both pickups, kill switches, phase switch, individual volume and tone controls, ala-les paul.
What do you all think?
I think if you actually pull it off it will be nice. BUt I've seen a lot of these sorts of projects just put aside and never come to fruition.
Make sure you keep with it, i wanna see this.
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Sounds... Heavy. I'm not quite sure when you say "Strangely Carved Top" and a 3-pole switching. Also, Color? Scale Length? Frets?


Sounds like fun if you can pull it off!
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3-4 inches thick? Sounds stupid imo. 2" is plenty thick enough for a body. inb4 that's what she said.
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Thank me for that template too. I'm the one that requested it!
I like a thick body too, but even I think 3" is too much. 2.5" would be plenty and even that's overkill in my opinion.
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