Here lately I've been posting a few acoustic originals on youtube. But I wrote a song that sounds pretty good in my opinon on electric. I tried recording it on my webcam but for some reason you can barely here it in the recording. I'm using a webcam cause its all I can afford right now. An E3500. My amp is a CRATE Tube Driven 70 with 330 Watts Max power I'm using a Danelectro Metal Distortion pedal and a Fender Squirer Strat. I hope that helps. But I would really like know if there is a way to fix this without having to buy a new camera.
Try right clicking on the sound icon on the taskbar and adjusting the mics level from there. If that doesn't work, you'll need a better way to record.
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Most mics on those webcams tend to turn themselves down if you speak too loudly or put too much signal into them...it's a way to keep from blasting other peoples ears out.

The Logitech E3500 is a fair cam but I always find their software buggy, (I own a Quickcam MP myself). There should be some controls if you dig deep into the recording devices of your control panel and get into the properties of the webcam mic. Usually you can boost the level by 30dB, or cut it. Sometimes you also have echo suppression and background noise removal which usually both act as a noise gate so you may want to turn turning those off as well.

What program are you using to record with the cam? It may be effecting the input source as well so you may want to look over those settings.