Hey, I've been shopping around for a nice valve amp, and have settled on the JSX 100w Head since it fits my sound perfectly. Unfortunately, Mr Satriani has caused a load of commotion by jumping ships to Marshal, so now his signature head is being discontinued. Thankfully I've found one to buy, but the cab that goes with them that's supposed to compliment the sound, isn't available.

- Soooo the question is would buying a 4x12" 6505 Peavey Cab be a better/viable solution?

- Will there be a noticeable difference in tone, and would that compromise the wonderful tone of the head or would it be complimented? (The 6505 is a monster of a metal amp, so I'm guessing the cab would be better suited for that. Whilst I play some metal, it's not my main style.

- And finally, would you recommend another cab around the £500 mark that'd be better than the JSX cab and 6505 cab?

I wish I was a bit more savvy with all this stuff :p, but hopefully you guys'll come through for me again.

Personally, I don't like Peavey cabs. They make great bass cabs...but I've yet to play one of their guitar cabs that I liked.
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What would you recommend in place of a Peavey Cab then?

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Man..I don't think you or anyone can go wrong with just having one made by Avatar..with a speaker configuration of your choosing. And probably still be better off financially than most other options..