hi, when i'm playing my bass I always seem to get a terrible squeak when i slide from note to note, is this normal? If not what can I do to stop it? As in playing techniques, new strings or what?
I've found you notice this less at higher volumes. Also different makes of strings will squeak more or less. Also try turning the treble on your amp down a little.

EDIT: cleaner slides help too.
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cheers, do you have any recommendations for strings? I'm still using the ones the bass came with so they might be a little bit worn out by now...
Its called having a technique. Get one and the squeaking will go regular as clockwork.

Other than that get half-rounds or flats or something like that. Radical I know but unless you are one of those little shit bassists that slaps the whole time you could probably work flats of half-rounds into your tone.
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As far as technique goes, try to lift your fingers off of the strings more when you switch notes. You could also try turning your treble and/or mids down a bit, that fixes the problem for me.