I have a stupid question- what are the different styles of guitar necks? I heard something about 50s and 60s style, but how exacly do they differ? Thanx in advance for enlightening me.
50's necks tend to be thicker, especially near the head. 60's necks have a slimmer profile and can also be narrower (in terms of nut width). It depends on the manufacturer, but most modern necks fall somewhere in between. 50's Fenders, think 52 Teles, have really big necks. 60's Fenders have really narrow necks - good for small hands, bad for playing lead down low, chunky fingers, and sustain. Gibson followed a somewhat similar trend.
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This generally refers to the Gibson Les Pauls from 53 - 60. The 50's necks (till around 58) were thicker & rounder than the 1960 ones which had slimmed down considerably. 59 was still beefy but in between the two styles.
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