I've been working on making pre-set patches for Guitar Rig. The solo isn't note for note and is more of a "jam" feel or a live feel to it. I finally got a chance to use some VST's that I've been wanting to work with and decided I'd couple it with working with Guitar Rig.

Like the poster said previously, too much chorus/flange is the big deal for me. Also watch your bends, you seem to overbend and underbend a lot. Make sure they reach the desired pitch, nothing more or less. Also, maybe practice with a metronome, your faster runs are a little sloppy.

Rock on dude! Ozzy rules!
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Hey man, that was a pretty good solo! You got pretty close to Zakk's tone if you ask me, the only thing I think you should work on is your vibrato at some part 'cause vibrato is a key element in solos, always makes it sound that much sicker. Overall nice cover man. \m/

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Thanks for the comments guys! Yeah I might re-upload with less chorus, for some reason on my headphones it sound very ZW'ish and once I re-listen it's a bit much! That last run was def' hard for me as well, I'm just dabbling in working on my speed!