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What do you guys think of the new band shirts bands are coming out with? The ones that have the print all over the shirt, like these:
all over print

do you think they’re too flashy? Do you prefer the older, simpler designs? Personally I think they’re really cool and they look nice, but I’ve also heard other people say they’re too busy. What do you guys think? Would you wear it?
not cool

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If the shirt isn't attractive in the first place I wouldn't buy it. And those look seriously ugly to me. So nah I wouldn't buy it. Seems like a costume instead of a tshirt.
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Maybe the price tag is clouding your judgment ?
yeah probably. Or the circuits.
I have an all-over Maiden t-shirt and it looks pretty cool, but some look hideous, I prefer traditional ones!
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i don't mind either style tbh
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It's okay because whatever, forever
not liking that
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Band Ts are band Ts. I think it is pointless to spend 25 bucks on a shitty shirt with a lil print on it. Atleast these ones have a lil more to show.
I like simpler ones for older bands, but for new bands whatever, if it's a good shirt I want.

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Just looks like a crappy, homemade, tie dye shirt with band names crudely pasted all over. They looks dildos.
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I just want a damn band shirt, I don't want all this homo-looking allover print or crazy wild designs. Just give me something cool looking to support my band.
I think they look a bit childish, I prefer the vintage look
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i gotta say i prefer the plainer old ones, but that ...and justice for all shirt looks ****in awesome
I'm not too keen on band shirts anyway, they look cool when you're like 12, but other than that, they just look a bit silly to me. No matter if they're the all over ones like that or just a little print in the middle.

Apart from my old Guns N Roses one. That's pretty cool.
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well it's the way band shirt are going. even guns 'n roses hasa band shirt with all over print like that.

i don't mind an all over print as long as i like the design. somethimes a small print seems lame. and most all over prints are based album covers like the judas priest one in the link.
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Just looks like a crappy, homemade, tie dye shirt with band names crudely pasted all over. They looks dildos.

the number of the beast on is ok, but the rest are meh.
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I think those bands suck c*ck, but I'd like to see an all over print of a good group.


you be trollin
edit: if you looked around their site, they have a lot of shirts, other than the ones pictured in the link.
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there are better things to spend that $24 on...
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thank you very much, Seaweed
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Those all remind me of the 3 wolf moon shirt.

and not in the awesome way
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you be trollin

I'm not trolling, you're just using that as an excuse to rationalise your love of BFMV.

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I personally don't like allovers, for several reasons:

A) As you mentioned, too extravagant for my taste.

B) They sometimes get destroyed by the washing machine.

C) I'm scared that the print will rub off on something (a chair) if I'm sweaty or wet.

D) They cost a small fortune.
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there are better things to spend that $24 on...

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Eh I don't like them, mostly because they look too busy and they almost never look good on anyone. The ones you posted, when people wear them where I'm from, it makes them look like they are wearing the shirt just to look like they like music and bands, or seem hardcore and brutalz. That's just what I think of when I see them, people trying to hard to look cool. But I've seen all overs of classic bands like Led Zeppelin, and still, I don't like them. They're not as busy and silly looking as the ones in your link, but I still prefer a shirt with a small/medium logo on the front, top center with the band name maybe.
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I used to like flambount designs, but now I just prefer simple. Which is why Iron Maiden, Megadeth and a few other tshirts having been sitting gathering dust in my wardrobe.
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I think they look cool but I wouldn't wear them.


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Before I stopped really wearing band shirts I chose more and more minimal designs. I think the logos of bands like Agalloch look very pretty and I still wouldn't mind wearing their shirts - as long as it's fitted properly. But I grew to hate the big, violent artwork t-shirts, let alone the all over prints.

That said, aside from simplicity, it's also a matter of fit, band shirts tend to be just block-like in shape.
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I like the all over prints as long as they're not filled with 10 different collers. A black shirt with a dark grey all over print is fine by me.
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i prefer just the band logo or something small not shirt designs that look like something a douche would wear
personally, i like the simpler ones that are more grey toned, like the COB one or the Metallica one... the Iron Maiden Fear of the Dark one reminds me of Ed Hardy though... hahaha
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