So this year I had a terrible math teacher, and it's not that I wasn't willing to learn or anything, you could ask anyone and they'd say she was a terrible teacher. Then for biology I had a teacher who's OCD and demands perfection from all his students for the first half of the year we were all working on science fair projects and barely learned, or had any time to learn, the basics of biology. Then in the second half of the year he spent his time focusing on the things least likely to appear on the regents so if they did we could all get hundreds. Now I have no clue about anything in either of these subjects and I have regents exams in both of them (something you only have to worry about if you live in New York or California).

So I could use help preparing for them if any of you are experts on either subjects.
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Might want to specify what year of each you're doing etc...

oh m sorry I'm in 10th grade and this my first year in both but my biology teacher picked out really hard college level biology books because he thinks everyone should be perfect.
I had a different maths teacher every week. Our original one went off to have a baby, she came back for about 3 lessons and then went just didn't show up anymore and we've had a different ones weekly since then.
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