Possibly taking this in part of a trade for some gear. Anyone have experiences with it? Overall it seems to have quality reviews on the internet.

I understand what a compressor physically does, but have a hard time catching on with my ears. I've been wanting to get one for awhile so this seems like a good opportunity.

I play mostly death metal and black metal. How would this handle having fuzz and distortion running through it? Should I put it at the end of my input chain or at the front where my bass is? Thanks
Its a great compressor. I own one. Its simple, straightforward and based on their rack gear. Its also build like a brick (i.e. it survived a drop onto a cement floor..)

What else do you have in your pedal chain?
I don't like too many options on my pedals or else I get tone paranoia and feel like I always have something not set right.

Currently running a Boss ODB-3 distortion and a Sanford and Sonny Bluebeard Fuzz pedal (russian big muff clone). I read some reviews on how great the pedal was for getting a super rounded out country sound, obviously from a country player. Not that I have anything against any genre, but I'm curious how a compressor like this handles wall shaking, face melting black metal tone.
Let me see if I can explain this. Compression evens out volume changes and takes out the extreme peaks and lows in volume. I don't play enough metal to comment on the use of them in that genre but yes, you can maintain a consistent earth shattering tone with one if you want.

On order--the order I have always used (found on a website a while back) is:

bass.-->filter effects -->compression-->Overdrive & Distortion-->Equalisers-->Modulation Effects-->Level controllers->Echo Effects-->Amp.