Someone is selling a "B C Rich Stealth" and I want to know if it is authentic or not. I can't find pictures similar to it, and he said he can't see a serial on it.

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Absolutely NOT a bc rich. It's a copy of a Jackson Warrior.
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Ah yeah, definately looks like one. Thought it might be a Jackson or Jackson copy because of the headstock shape, b c rich have the machine heads the opposite side. So it's pretty much worthless? Someone offered me it for £50 gbp

the body looks like a stealth buts its a bit more angular, also the stealth usually had reverse head stocks and a floyd rose. the inlays are alslo wrong for the bc rich, the entire neck and headstock look like theyre from a jackson. looks a lot like the picture above although i have no idea what model jackson that is
looks more like a jackson warrior, with a bc rich neck bolted on with jackson style sharkfin inlays on it? and a locking nut? dont get its probably fake
Yeah, Stealths are really rounded, like these guys said, so this is some sort of Jackson Warrior body. Also, anyone notice the Tune-O-Matic bridge but what looks to be Floyd Rose tuning locks up top? o_o It ain't going out of tune anytime soon.
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I say get it.
My theory is that someone painted or used a vinyl decal to create the "B.C Rich" logo.
But, looking at the locking nut...
thats just sad. haha, its a warrior body style copy (a very bad one, at that) and it says bc rich. its crap, dont waste your money.
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i have a general rule when buying guitars, or basses. if theres no serial on the guitar, theres no cash in your hand