We are Through Blinded Eyes.

we've just got a recording back off students from college, these are old recordings from a few months back we've improved quite alot since.

These recordings are in drop D and we're now playing Drop C, there has been quite a few changes to the track aswell, added backing vocals in the chorus.

our vocalist had a chest infection & the amps were really shitty.

but anyway that aside, heres our myspace.


if you like us please like us on facebook!


Also, what would you class us as? Metalcore etc... thanks!


New Live Track Uploaded!
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i like it, bad quality which hindered ease of listening, obviously, but music wise, singer has a nice voice in the singing parts, screaming parts arent bad either. guitars were cool, although there were no solos, which many bands doing your type of music have. drums were satisfactory, couldnt really hear them that well though because of the recording.

overall, kinda good. you can improve a lot though, based on this recording.

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Thanks for commenting!

we've improved this song since we recorded it, added backing vocals to make it much more dynamic.

we're actually re-recording this song in our E.P so the quality should be better.

i will check out your band.