I came up with the introductory chord progression and went from there. The synth is the vocal line, for the record. It has lyrics already, but they're not finished, and I'm not terribly interested in sharing them, lol.

Forgive me if the drums are terrible; I'm no drummer, and I'm not familiar with 3/4 rhythms. I just tried to go with what sounded right.

Thanks in advance, and I'll C4C if links are offered or I just happen to see a thread of yours.
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i think it is just way too much time before the voice kicks in, you get bored

where the **** is the drum track? i hear the drums but i dont see the track, lol

nice melody, catchy

you have some good kick ins

the part where the tempo changes to 155 felt pretty weird but i think it is a good idea, you just need it to execute it better somehow

overall i think you did a good job
The drums are shown as a piano to me, and when I try to click them, an error message appears. :p

Anyway, I feel this is a pretty solid piece, with some rather good drums too.
However, the intro might be dragging on too long as he stated, but you can easily fix it by adding a melody/solo.

Just a suggestion, but I just get a feeling that the part starting bar 91 at could be fingerpicked. :>

Edit: \o/, forgot to mention which bar. Fixed now.
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I think I fixed the problem with the GP5 one. As for making the intro fingerpicked, I couldn't do that myself. I'm not very good with writing fingerpicking parts. I'll consider it, but I doubt it'd turn out very good if I was the one that did it.
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For a ballad the intro sounds like it would be better if it was about 10bpm slower and each note of the chord was picked before building up to the vocals coming in. also the first verse could use some kinda rhythmic backing to it.
Interesting piece. I definitely see the ballad section of it.

The beginning is somewhat slow, but it's entertaining. If you go into this expecting a ballad, it's pleasantly surprising. The drums enter at what I think is a decent time. They allow the vocal line to breath a little bit. I do generally like all the ideas at play here, even if it doesn't fit to my style.

I agree with the 1st reply though; the tempo change to 155 bpm was kinda odd. I'm a sucker for extreme dynamics, but it really threw me for a loop. I think a better transition beforehand would strengthen this.

An enjoyable piece overall.
the whole song is good, builds up nicely, but at the start, it needs something to just make it more appealing to finish listening to if you know what i mean. some kind of picking thing, or another guitar playing a little melody over the top just to give the song something to begin with, rather than just building and building
Come on Skeeter, he don't mean no harm
I have an actual question. I have the means to record this as a full track using a freeware drum program that actually sounds pretty good, but I just realized (in attempting it) that the key change in the second to last chorus is outside my vocal range, and I have no control over my falsetto.

1. Wait to record until I meet someone who can sing that high.
2. Change the vocals into a lead guitar part focusing around the vocal melody.
3. Just try to hit the high notes and accept that it sucks
4. Drop the key change entirely from the song.

I really don't want to do option 5. I'd be more than a bit sketchy about tuning my acoustic any lower than the D Standard it's in for the song (which I only tuned down to to accomodate the vocals, because I thought with the key change played in standard tuning, it would be impossible for most people to do.), but if I absoulutely half to, I think I could manage if the song were played in C# standard. But what do you guys think?

Sorry for being so long winded about it. Thanks.

EDIT: Also, regardless of what happens, before I record, I'm going to come up with a better transition to the tempo change at the outro.