I'm trading my guitar for a parker fly P42

MY guitar is a Ibanez S470

is this a good Trade

am not into metal anymore
To be honest, I wouldn't do that. I believe your current guitar is worth more. You can get a Parker P42 for around £250 from Thomann.de. Whereas, your guitar is worth about £400. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean that yours is better.

However, I actually bought a brand new P42, and also tried a PM20, not so long ago. I had read many good reviews of both. But I didn't like them. They had a nice tone, but the action was stupidly high. Even after I had lowered it as much as the bridge would allow, it was still higher than my acoustic guitars action. And that isn't very low either. Perhaps I got two bad ones. Guitars made in Korea etc, are hit and miss. That's my experience anyway.

Perhaps if you play the P42 in question though, you might decide you love it. So I dunno...
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No it's not a good trade.

S470 is not exactly restricted to heavy metal, it's a versatile guitar, and with a decent pickup swap and a good amp you can get the tones you want out of it.

Edit: the point is that Ibanez S470 is a great guitar, and unless you don't like the feel you shouldn't change it unless it's a huge upgrade (like moving on to higher-end guitars, but not a guitar that is on par or even worse).
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dont do it. your ibanez isnt very metal, as it is, it wont limit your playing in other genres.