I have a Takamine EG334SC with the saddle pezio system, I need to replace the saddle, cause it's getting all torn up, so I ordered a Graphtech saddle, nut, and bridge pins, I also contacted Takamine and they are sending me the replacement parts for free, just in case.

My question is, how difficult is it to get the saddle out of the pezio pickup? Any tips I should know before trying this? I've looked at the saddle and it looks like it just sits in the pickup, but I'm not sure if it's pressed in there or not.

Thought I would ask before I go and possibly destroy a perfectly good peizo pickup on accident.
The two parts should be separate, not glued or attached in any way. They may be stuck from being compressed together when the strings are at full tension, but should come apart with some care and a sharp razor blade. Just be careful not to damage the surface of the pickup.
When installing the new saddle piece, make sure that the bottom of the slot in the bridge is nice and flat and clear of any debris. Place the pickup in first then slide the new saddle in. The saddle bottom that contacts the pickup needs to be truely flat. The more precise the contact is between all 3 of these parts(saddle, pickup, bridge), the truer the transfer of energy will be, and the final outcome of course is better tone plugged in.
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