Ok so i have this friend who needs cash alot and if were out and he doesnt have anything ill spot him some cash or so if he needs it.

Now this usually turns into me calling him for a week and him making excuses for why he doesnt have it. So i learned my lesson through the years to no tlend him money. Usually like 2 weeks after hell give me like 1/2 of what he owes me and ill just say its even.

But he just called me asking to borrow 20$ and i told him no that i learned my lesson about lending him money. I got mad at him for even putting me in that situation and making me feel like a dick for saying no. He said he had 50$ coming to him tonight but he just needed the money now for xanax (not judging i pop pills to). But i told him that what happens if that 50$ doesnt come through and then im stuck hounding you for the money again.

Anytime i have to hound someone to pay me back i feel like a dick so id rather just not lend anyone money.

I considered just saying yea but i stood my ground even though hes one of my good friends. Was i right?
trying to piece his 2 and 2 together
You got the right idea TS. Sounds like you gave him a few chances, and he blew them all. So youd be literally insane to keep loaning him cash

Next time he asks, say, "Im sorry, but every time I loan you money, you dont pay me back. So Im not gonna loan you money anymore. If you keep asking, theres gonna be problems"
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He sounds like a junkie. If I was short on cash I'd reserve my money for other things.
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He sounds like a junkie. If I was short on cash I'd reserve my money for other things.


Lending people money for drugs sounds like a bad plan
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Don't give him any money.



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I wouldn't lend him money either. I think he can wait a few hours for his $50. You can buy more drugs with $50 than you can with $20
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NEVER lend money to junkies. You're right in this one.

hes not a junkie, i do more drugs than him its just that i have a job to support my habit.
trying to piece his 2 and 2 together
If hes not gonna pay you back, then why would you give him money? Don't feel like a dick, cause you're just living by past experiences. He's gotta at least semi-understand that. And if hes getting the $50 tonight, cant he just wait to by the xanax?
I would say you have given him fair chances and he has blown them.

I hate hounding people for money too, I think it's best for your friendship this way.
Good job, you're right. Sounds like he just worries about his next high.
As I always say: "Rawr"
I lost all respect and stopped reading at popping pills.

So, cool story bro.
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