I'm assembling a JEM from parts off eBay, and got myself a CNC'd JEM body the other day. Along with this I have the wiring, an Evo2 and an original edge, but not a neck yet. In the description the seller says that it fits standard wizard 1 & 2 necks.

However, reviews and talk say the the wizard 2 isn't very good, and the wizard 1 is hard to come by. Overall i'd really like a real Jem neck, but from what i've managed to find the JEM neck has a slightly different radius from the wizard 2.

I don't know much about necks, so could somebody guide me to the best neck possible and tell me which necks will fit the guitar? And this might be a stupid question, but can you change the radius at the tremolo? Thanks in advance, Jamie
Any neck with the same scale length and pocket profile should work. The radius is determined by how the fretboard was sanded.
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The Wizard II is really only good for shredding because it's so flat. But really, any AANJ neck should work, but you're limited to Ibanez necks.

EDIT: Also, the fretboard radius doesn't affect whether the neck fits or not. That's only determined by the neck pocket width and bolt pattern (AANJ for you). Scale length won't affect the fit, but if you put a neck with a different scale length than your guitar, it won't intonate properly.
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Thank you , the way i posed the question was terrible, but you've summed all i need to know. Thank you!
i have an ibanezrgr421exfm with a 3 piece wizard neck. its beautiful man. its super thin maybe not the most thin but i love it its great
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Some no name acoustic thats pretty good
Aside: Clicking through random RGs and JEMs at the Ibanez site told me that they all have the same radius.
the WizardII being thin and flat doesn't make it only good for shredding, I can play anything on my RG350 comfortably: even soft acousticy / chordy songs