My and one of my ex-band mates have been working together on a song. He wrote the drums and I wrote guitars and recorded / mixed the song.
The song's up here: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/PETERFKNPARKER/

It'd be cool to get some crit back on the song and the production.

Cheers =]

Leave your links and ill crit back
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as far as writing and playing, its ****ing awesome

something about the mix didn't cater to me though, sounds squashed

otherwise... I can't really see much to crit, its a well written piece with a decent mix

I'm not even gonna bother posting my c4c thread link, considering I didn't give much input XD Just good things to say of it lol
Excellent piece, very well written. Except maybe the bass drums in that pause in the middle. I thought it was a little out of place.

The cymbals sound shimmery...maybe turn down the compression a little?

The mix was pretty good...but i suspect you've uploaded a low quality track on here, so it's probably better in the original.
The guitar tones were excellent. Maybe a tad on the fizzy side.

Good stuff overall.

Here's my link....have a listen if you dont mind.
Wow! What shall I say Make it longer. More of that. Same style.

No really, i dont think theres anything to criticise.. at least I couldnt think of anything. Really nice work!
Hey man. Thanks for checking my stuff out. Will definitely keep your advice on mind for next time. Dude I dont even have anything bad to say about your composition. Some of the stuff is missing brutality but I guess brutality isn't really your preference anyways. It just sounds melodic as hell. Almost got that Joe satriani feel in some parts. And the mixing is superb. And from what I read you were in a band with your best friend. There is nothing better than playing with not just bandmates but true real friends. Cheers mate. Keep up the good work.
Thanks for the crit, I enjoyed yours, the mixing seemed a little off to me, but man the music was completely spot on, and catchy, I'm sure you could pull off some monster live shows with stuff like that. Also, I'm just using the default kit on SD2, what about you?
I'm liking this, quite similiar sounding to BTBAM except more riffy. Maybe a little bit more Misery Signals-ish. The riffs are definitely tight as hell. It's kind of short though, and the sound is heavily compressed so it sounds super boomy. Other than that, I thought it was pretty well done. I enjoyed some of your work quite a bit, although it'd be totally badass if you made a full song (4 minutes at least).

Check mine out when you get the chance.
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