I need a guitar for gigging that can get thrown around abit.
I'm only 15 so I dont have much to spend - £200

I play Mainly alt music with bits of metal and punk.

I'm not willing to go used.

There is nothing good for 200 that is gigging that is new. Try ebay. Go used. You will get utter crap if you don't. I have a friend though that plays that laguna guitar from the pack with the line 6 amp and he likes that guitar. Perhaps that? But i think it sounds bad.
cheap, and actually is good. Won't kill you and doesnt sound awful. the pickups are really hot, it does a lot i want.
If you're going to be gigging you should get decent gear. £200 for a guitar isn't much, and also you should have a backup guitar, an amp, maybe a backup amp, extra cables and quite a few other things. Do you have all that?

And you said thay you aren't going to go used, so if you're refusing to do that, you going to buy a poor-but-new guitar guitar over a decent-but-used guitar. Not smart.

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Any reason why you dont want to go used? You're not going to get a decent guitar new for 200 GBP unless you find some crazy discounted deal.
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Yeh, Except a backup Amp.

It may not be necessary, but if you're amp dies, then there may be problems. I always have a bass amp that any of my band can use if their amps die.

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ya definitely buy a used guitar, old cool looking stuff pops up all the time on Craigslist, Kijiji, Ebay.... Most of the time it's more guitar (or amp/pedal) than you could get for the same price new.

A Kramer or Fender would be cool IMO
Only thing i can think of that's decent for that price is an Epiphone SG
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try SX guitars, i think rondo stock them, there <&200 dolllars a great and there KY1's (kinda like a prs) are really good for the price, mabye stick new tuners on and its great
I agree with Owenlee55. I got a guitar for $120 on Rondo, and The quality is great. It's built like a rock too from what I've seen. Also you should try the Xavier guitars on guitar fetish. I've heard great things about those.
Other then places like those you'll be better off going used. Try craigslist, or local pawn shops. I've gotten great gear doing that.
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Just look for a cheap Ibanez RG, one of the better cheaper guitars out there
either that or rondo for an sx or agile or something.
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The only guitars worth half a crap that are under £200 are the standard Vintage models. For very slightly more than £200 you could get a Squier Classic Vibe series guitar which is pretty good, or you could buy a Vintage Advance series guitar which is even better.

Frankly, if you're on a tight budget like that then you need to either go second hand or you need to be more patient and save up more. If you're looking for a guitar that can survive being thrown around and will last you a while then I would really recommend you get together at least £350. That will get you what I would consider the minium, a Vintage Advance series or Squier Classic Vibe series guitar plus a set of Schaller strap locks, a sturdy strap and a hard case.

I'm amazed someone who says they play alternative and punk would be set against buying something second hand. It's like B.B. King refusing to play anything but a scratched up JEM 555.
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Vintage guitars? Ive got a V100 and its really good.
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What expensive piece of equipment do you have at the moment that you don't want 'thrown around a bit'?

Also £200 is an odd budget. It's sort of in-between shit guitars and half decent ones. Save another £100 and get a used MIM Tele or something.

EDIT: looking at the stuff you own you need a new amp. and if you're gigging is playing to 10 people in a church hall like your picture suggests, then I don't think you really need an extra 'gigging' guitar.
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