I'm not very social or outgoing so... never.

I'm not a conversation starter.


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Never. I hate when people do that, it happens all the time here because everyone's terrified of being thought of as not friendly or as rude.


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while walking our dog on a nice day, i exchange hellos with most people i pass. if not, i probably have my ipod in, and don't say hello.
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If I glance at them and see they are glancing back, so it is a little awkward, I nod my head and skiddishly say hello and keep walking.
...like PitMonkeys ever go walking across the street.

On a serious note, it all depends on my mood and if I'm listening to music - if so, I am far less likely to greet or even realise Ive been talked to.
If its early morning and we make eye contact Ill give a nod and maybe a morning.
seeming that i live in a tiny town, that happens often...

though often, i say hello to people i think i know, realize i've mistaken them and think "****"...
When walking to school I usually say a hearty "Morning!", and it's usually reciprocated by the angry dog walker... But I always think that when you meet people and you're loud in a non-aggressive way "Alright mate/son/love/Jonty, how are you doing lad/woman/*generic term*?", I always get a better reception than just saying "Hi."

But meh, I don't do that that often, just being loud combats my in built sense of inadequacy!
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Not so often with people I know unless we walk by eachother. Then it's always an awkward hello. Strangers always seem to say hello. I even made a thread on it.
ill smile or nod rarely ill say good morning, but for some reason never hello
I say hello and if i'm listening to music I usually take a headphone out and say hello. But I've learnt who those are that don't say hello so i just keep my headphones in when they walk past
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Honestly I always say hi to friendly looking people. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Now that I think about it though, other people rarely say hi to me.
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Yes, as you have guessed, unless it was related to bacon, the above post was probably foolish and immature. I'm sorry.
Jesus, I thought I was anti-social.

I mean, I'll at least smile and nod most of the time, unless they look like one of those bums who tells long, ridiculous stories to get money from people. I don't have time for that shit.
I live in Minnesota, and there is something called "Minnesota nice", which is pretty much true. So anytime I'm walking down the street or even driving in the country roads I wave or say Hello to people.

It doesn't bother me at all, and I think every person I have said Hi to has said it back
Only will talk to strangers, in guitar shops really. Or if people ask me for advice for no apparent reason lol