So I've recently fallen in love with SikTh, especially their Death of a Dead Day album, but I can't find anything that sounds like them. Any suggestions?

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Recommendations thread?
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cry for silence are vaguely similar even though they've split now

Nightmares is a sick song
Dreams Are For Pussies.
Fellsilent / Monuments

Pin's in a band now called Aliases which is kinda similar instrumentally

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Rec thread.
Periphery, DEP, and The Arusha Accord.
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There are moments where their singer sounds similar to Serj on the old school SOAD cd's and demos
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Arusha Accord wishes they were Sikth
Meshuggah maybe as far as rhythms
Nothing else really comes close.

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o yea forgot arusha

i love sikth too, fave band

listening to Lye by Mistake atm tho and a part just reminded me of SikTh

so check them out if you dunno em (first album for crazy core+jazz type stuff, their second album is instrumental and isnt rly core at all, awesome in its own way)

speaking of, gonna bump the thread
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Protest the Hero, After the Burial, Between the Buried and Me, Misery Signals, The Number Twelve Looks Like You.

All essentially progressive metal/metalcore bands.

Hell, you might even like The Fall of Troy, who happens to kick the most ass that has ever been kicked in the history of ass kicking.