I'm a beginner so please bare with me.

If you listen to this, riff starts at 1:30 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oU4zotiThnI&feature=related

What's the technique for this type of sound, I like the chugging feel of this, and can someone point me in the direction of some songs with tabs kinda similiar to this type of stuff?

The part that starts at 2:30 is pretty cool too...
Man you have good taste in music.

I'm not sure what you're talking about, but the techniques there are just downpicking. I guess there is the bit before the low power chord that is most probably a hammer-on then a pull-off or similar, but picked. Give me more information and I can be of more help

That bit at 2:30 is alternate picking followed by downpicks, a good way of accentuating beats and stuff with triplets etc.

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Doesn't really sound like anything other than regular power chords at 1:30. If ou like a chugging feel however I would recommend learning palm muting. I'm pretty sure there is no palm muting at that part though.

The part at 2:30 DOES have palm muting though.
i think he's just playing power chords...my ear isnt too good, but possibly in drop d tuning and i would bet the bass is playing the roots to really get that heavy sound.
IM not actually hearing any special techniques there. What you may be referring to is the thick wall of sound in that case it is probably some pretty heavy distortion along with some multi tracking. Might be able to get a similar effect with chorus.