I've been playing guitar for a couple of years. A couple of months ago, my brother got a pretty nice bass, and he wanted to play along to me on the guitar, but he kind of gave up on it. I've just been playing around with the bass lately and i kinda want to learn a little bit more on how to play, mainly how to slap. I've watched some videos on youtube but they didn't really help me.

So what im wondering is how do you slap exactly, where you put your arm, and where to put all your fingers.

Any help would be appreciated.

youtube>>>victor wooten

Edit: there is a video of him explaining and showcasing slapping bass. Not exactly what it's called, but look around for it. It helps!
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Check out Davemarks, Dmanluis and MarloweDK on Youtube for some great slap lessons.
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depending on the shape of the bass, you can rest your arm on the body. I always do when I'm sitting down or standing up but then again I have my bass quite high, but I find that makes slapping easier.

Hit your thumb on the string near the end of the fret board, I think that's to avoid accidental harmonics, but it also helps for popping.

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Bounce the strings off the highest fret using your thumb parallel to the string. You need to move your thumb up very quickly to avoid muting the string. Some people find that having the bass higher up is more comfortable as it is less of a stretch to get your hand in position.

You need nice, bright snappy strings for it to sound like the slap you hear on most records.
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It was hard for me at first because I wasnt hitting the strings right. Make shure you "bounce" your thumb on the string, dont pull it back up to you. like when you hit a drum, you dont pull the stick up, it comes up automatically.
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