An example: Cover of The Scientist by Coldplay

As you can tell from the recording, the vocals are actually recorded twice there. They were recorded once while I played the guitar part, but when I listened to it back, the vocals were barely audible. So I re-recorded them, really trying to sing more loudly this time and not playing at the same time, and as you'll be able to hear, failed. My voice just gets lost under the guitar.

I seem to hit a complete, probably mental, block when I do try to sing louder and my voice seems to lose all of its tone. I can't afford a singing teacher at the moment (if I could afford a teacher at all, I'd get a guitar teacher first), so are there any decent exercises to get the volume up?

sing from your gut....actually dont take my word for it I have a terrible voice, but when I sing and I want volume I jsut push the air out a little harder from my stomach area and just control the breath so I don't run out of breath.
Use the same technique as when you speak louder, you know, kind of push it out I suppose
If you constantly keep at it it will feel more natural after awhile
Just listened to the recording, it's very obvious it was recorded at a lower volume. The air pressure used in your voice is so weak that you are not even able to sustain a proper note. Well also it sounds like it's without power, and there's a lot of "pops" going on so you're most likely right on top of the microphone. It's almost half way between whispering and talking.

But you can probably hear that. So what do you do? Well first try to feel the different between whispering, talking and talking loudly (like how you call to your mates some distance away). I think the best thing to do would be to first try to speak through the song at an audible level (like conversational), in rhythm, and try to get through it all. Once you get that feeling ok, try adding the notes in. Hopefully it should sound a little better.

You may also want to focus on hitting the right notes when you learn to sing. Do some scale exercises with your voice. Currently you're not hitting the notes correctly, even if you were using enough air pressure to sustain the notes.

And yes, the other part is mental. You're most likely afraid of the sound of your own voice. Don't worry about that, everyone hates the sound of their own voice when they first hear it.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
I'd say in that recording you're singing so low in your range you're not gonna get much volume even if you really push. Problem here is you're singing a lower harmony of what the melody is meant to be throughout the whole song so it sounds weak and out of key.

What you gotta do is figure out all the notes to the melody of the song and make sure you're hitting them dead on every time, once you're in key you can focus more on volume and tone and all that.

so the first few notes to The Scientist should be:

Come up to meet you tell you I'm sorry
F......G...F.....C.....A....F....G....F.....C A

Don't know how lovely you aaaaaare

make sure you're hitting all those right, these should all be higher than the notes you're singing now and not the same notes an octave below.
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