So I want to get a volume pedal, but my guitar has active pickups.

I understand there's a difference between active and passive volume pedals. I have a Schecter Jeff Loomis Signature with active EMG pickups. If i want to use the pedal for volume swells where should i put it in my effects chain and which pedal should i get.

Thanks everyone
You would get a 25K volume pedal, and put it wherever in your signal chain you like before your power amp. In general volume pedals should sit after distortion effects (or distortion generating preamps) and before reverb/time based effects. That may mean the pedal belongs in a serial effects loop if you've got one.
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I would not get a 25K pedal unless you are putting it in the loop of an amp that needs one. My blog contains an explanation. But put simply, the only time an active pedal is needed is when the input impedance of the device following the pedal is low (<100K ballpark).

The reason.... It doesn't matter if you use a 250K or 25K pedal after an active pup. But if the input impedance after the pedal is low then a 250K pedal will scale poorly across the sweep. But the 250K pedal has the advantage of being able to be put after *any* pedal or pup.
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