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So I recently went to my local guitar center and purchased a new amplifier (Peavey Bandit 112 =)!) and while I was there I mentioned to the salesman (who is a friend) how much it would cost to get my guitar professionally set up. He said around $65 is generous, plus the string cost. Now, I'm not going to do so immediately, as I don't have the money, but possibly before I go back to college I would get both of my guitars (my acoustic and electric) set up. I'm just curious if you guys think that $65 (plus strings and per guitar) would be worth it? and do you think I could get it done cheaper elsewhere? I don't know of any local guitar shops in my area that I could ask, but I'm going to look around in a bit.
Learn how to do it yourself, and do it for free. To your exact spec.

Win - win.
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Yes, you can find cheaper but also like Vauxite said learn how to do it and you'll be happier with the results.
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$65 for a setup is very expensive. Most places will usually charge between $30-$40. Personally I only charge $20 plus the cost of strings, but I do agree with the previous posters learn to do it yourself. Everyone is different and has a different style of playing. If you take your guitars to someone to have them set up they will come back with the, for lack of a better word, default settings on them and a lot of people find that those settings don't work well for them.
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i want to live where you folks live, $50+ is the going price for a setup here.

$65 does seem a little dear though, i would shop around and find somebody cheaper. as much as learning to do it yourself is definately a good idea, a pro setup every now and again isnt a bad idea either (i get 1-2 a year per guitar and do a couple more myself)