Found this amp on an auctioning site some time ago. It's an all tube 2x12 combo with Celestion's in it

My concern is the gain part of the amp. Will it be enough for some In Flames, or Killswitch songs? I know it's no 5150, but I think with a good boost and some high output pickups I could come pretty close? I think the cleans are great.

When I was doing some research a guy also said that the Carvin was advertised as being a hotrodded JCM 800 with Fender cleans. I don't play clean very much, but I still think it's great to have a good clean channel.

The reason I am interested in this one is that it's a really good deal on it, it's been up for a long while now and I could probably grab it for maybe 330, while a 5150 combo would be somewhere around 900...

I made some research and I found a couple of videos on YouTube, not many though but I found this


3:00 into this clip he shows the "gainier" part of the amp. Without a boost, or high output pickups...



Around 5:50

I also have been checking out some Bugera stuff, but I've heard of the terrible reliability, fuses burning out, tubes blowing, sucky speakers and so on. So I lost my interest.

I'm currently playing on my Randall 75 watts solid state amp and it's so boring. The sounds are muffled, undefined, the cleans suck and it's really bassy... And it's killing my interest to play.

I want your opinions folks! Have anyone here had any experience with this amp before? If so, reply and I'll be very happy! Been searching for a decent amp with some good cleans and gain for a long time now!

they're pretty good amps for the money IMO. I've heard some pretty good metal tones out of one with a tubescreamer in front.
The X100B is an awesome amp but it's not really voiced for Modern Metal. Yes with a boost it can get pretty gainy and pull off thrash but that's really about it's limit. For the price you would be much better off with a new run Bugera which are much more reliable than the old ones.
Tried one out back some time ago.
Mixed the gain channel with a Black Russian Big Muff and got a nice tone out of her.
Works great with fuzz.