I've been playing my my Conklin GT-4 for 2 years now and have been looking how to deepen my sound, whether it be an entirely new bass, or more afforably, some upgrades to my equipment. It's a good bass, but I don't like how high pitched (relatively) my D and G strings sound.

A friend suggested lowering the saddles, I don't know what effect that would have since I have not done this before.

I was thinking maybe a Badass II bridge, but from what I've seen, that'll just boost clarity. I also came across a $160 Octobass pedal that would essentially play notes an entire octave lower. I don't know if this is considered a worthwhile investment though, even though it's gotten good reviews.

I'm currently using a GK Backline amp, which could be better, sure, but it's good enough considering I don't have the cash for a new amp (Ampeg cabinet on the wishlist!)

SUMMARY: I can't currently afford a new bass or amp: What can I modify and/or buy to get a deeper sound? Thanks!
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Play with your levels on your amp if it has EQ. Some people like all mids, some like no mids, and some just like to dink with it to their own liking.
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You have an EQ pedal?

Old pedal is busted, so if an EQ pedal would help, what would be a good suggestion?
Not sure what you mean by "deeper", but you may want to try flat wound strings and a bit of EQ.
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Not sure what you mean by "deeper", but you may want to try flat wound strings and a bit of EQ.

i second this suggestion. roundwounds tend to be rather bright, whereas flats tend to be duller, allowing you to get a bassier tone.
also kill some mids from the amp eq, and turn down the bass.
take some mids out of your tone and play closer to the neck. that is the cheepest and probably most effective way to get what you want.
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Good attack with your fingers (or pick), a good bass, and a good amp are where you need to start. If you start buying effects without those 3 things, your just throwing frosting on a cake of sh.it
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What bass you play and how you play it will have the biggest influence.DR half wounds.Play with fingers VERY SOFT more towards the neck.The amp should be pumping ...turn it up....but play soft.Roll some trble off the bass.If you have a direct box into a mic pre,some compression is needed....mabie more than you think.I like the UA 6176 on Bass direct.To get the Deep extended low's you crave,try the EBS octave pedal as well.Thats just a general start.I watched Nathan East play with David Foster and his tone was a like that deep minimoog.A five string active...Padula or MusicMan should work better than a passive pick up for that modern acurate deep tone.

this. start by adjusting your technique before you buy anything.

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