What is the best guitar brand and model for thrash metal in your opinion? \m/ \m/
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Definitely Dean. My Dean ZX has been the 2nd best of many models I've tried for thrash. (particularly Megadeth) Especially for the $250 that it cost. If you are willing to pay more than a Dean ML would be even better.
jackson king Vs are the classics, then id say go for rhoads V, also if u wanna be budget efficient get a schecter, but any kool looking V with good pickups (id say duncan passives such as distortion or jb are best for thrash) and a mahogany or alder body will do. look at some of ur fave thrash guitarists and see what they use, some examples are:
Kirk hammet: Esp powerstrat with floyd rose and emgs
Dave mustaine: Dean style king V with his signature pickups, but he used to use jackson king V with seymour duncan passives and a kahler
Kerry King: Bc rich King V with Emgs and a Kahler
Scott Ian: Jackson soloist with passive duncans
Gary holt: a schecter Hellraiser v-1 with a seymour duncan custom in the bridge, jb in the neck
Alex skolnick: his signature heritage guitar
Jeff waters: A flying Ran V with a duncan distortion, and his signature epiphone flying V

hope this helps