Hey All,

You guys have helped me in my search for the perfect Fuzz (Oxfuzz Silicon is ordered and on it's way) and have given me great advice about the Peavey Valveking 112. (I was going to get one but my friend's friend sold it - but it's not a hard Amp to find, so no huge rush) I come here because of the quality advice and good ideas from Pros & Hobbyists alike, and I really appreciate it. I've pretty much got all my effects sorted out except one... Reverb...

I've been looking for a good Reverb pedal for awhile now, and I haven't had too much luck. Reverb Pedals (all Digital) are tricky because I want warmth, (Analog sound) but also a fair amount of options like Hall & Room in addition to Spring. (Only possible with Digital)

I play Classic Rock, (Pink Floyd, Led Zep) Hard Rock, (Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix) Punk Rock, (The Clash, The Stooges) Gothic Rock (Joy Division, Bauhaus) and Early Metal. (Black Sabbath, Motorhead)

I want a reverb that will do great and realistic Hall/Room spacious sounds so I can get that Atmosperic Space-Rock kinda kick, while also sounding natural enough to blend in with the Analog Pedals on my Pedalboard.

I've been looking at these:

Tech 21 Boost R.V.B. (Heard Great things about it, but will it do big Hall sounds?)
Dr. Scientist RRR (I've been told it's awesome)
EHX Cathedral (Looks cool, sounds cool)
Earthquaker Ghost Echo (A new consideration, quite interesting)

I've tried the following:

Digitech Hardwire (pretty cool, need to try it again)
Line 6 Verbzilla (Octo setting is awesome, but still not convinced)

I'm not into gimmicks, (again the Verbzilla Octo Setting) but I like something that can do Subtle 'Verb as well as Atmospheric and Dramatic 'Verb. Am I asking too much?

I'll keep this tread going as long as it takes! Thanks in advance for your opinions.

-Major Bludd
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Malekko Spring Chicken with Dwell Knob does what you want... but it's only produced occasionally. Also check out the Malekko Chicklet.

The Boost RVB should be able to do the big hall sounds.
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I have a Holy Stain (which has the room and hall setting from the Holy Grail Plus basically) and it gives a solid warm sheet that can either accent or completely envelope your primary tone. I use it exclusively for the reverb (it's cheaper than a Holy Grail Plus and had the settings I cared about - like the mix and tone controls).

It certainly DOES NOT do spring though. The Cathedral, in what little I've played with it, is still only a good emulation of a real spring tank in that mode... but I play through a Fender Twin, so that's hardly fair. Watching the video on ProGuitarShop makes me think I'll be switching out the Holy Stain for a Cathedral sometime in the vaguely near future though... 8)
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The Spring 'Verb is obviously important, but so is the Hall/Room type of 'Verb. I'm into the Cavernous Effect, but not too Digital-sounding.

*checks out the Ghost Echo*

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what sound do you want out of a tech 21 rvb? i have one sitting here on my amp.

actually after trying the big hall setting from the manual, yes it does that well.
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I'm looking for a spacious Hall/Cavernous 'Verb. Something that can do both subtle and dramatic, If I get the Tech 21, I'll probably wait for the new one (with Trails) to come out.

Thanks, though.
Now THAT sounds good. Very good indeed.

The Tech 21 gets a lot of love around here, I'd just like to hear more about it.

I've been watching clips of the RRR. Now I know why people make such a huge fuss about it.
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i use it basically for a small amount on hard rock. a little more on clean blues, and a lot on surf stuff. it does all that very well. i'm a bit of a reverb snob btw. i had a lexicon MX200 but opted for this pedal more often for just verb.
The Tech 21 RVB Sounds like a great standard, all-around Reverb. The RRR has a little more in the way of versatility. Or am I wrong?
As for the Ghost Echo, it's a haunting 'Verb. I'm not too sure about it's versitality. Anyone who owns it? Please share the info!
From what I've heard so far, the RRR is amazing. I haven't a clue where I'd get one. Do you order directly from the Website? Is there a waiting list?
I've just tried the hermida reverb. It's probably not as much verb as you're going for but it's really nice sounding.
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I'll have to check this out.

BTW Does the mini RRR have the exact same stuff as the older/larger version? or are there differences?
I also read that the RRR does not like to be daisy chained or share a Power Source with other pedals. Anyone comment on this?