Title says it all. I don't really know much about multi effects pedals. I've always shied away from them in the past and just preferred to stick with individual stomp boxes. My problem is that I travel a lot these days and I'm looking for something that I can just run into one of my 5 watt tube combos and be good to go.
My budget is 200-250usd though if I can get away with spending less I won't complain. I play a mostly metal and heavier rock, Megadeth to Voodoo Johnson if you will. I also have a thing with needing to be able to look down at my pedals and see where everything is set so I was leaning towards the boss ME-25 or the Vox Tonelab ST.
Any advice would be appreciated, I am completely lost when it comes to these sort of things.
I've got an me-25. The distortions are great, most of the effects are good too. It's very durable.