Hey. I'm selling my MKIII black stripe +Roadcase and fan. I'm a college student who used to be in a band. I go to art school now so I had to refocus my attention on other things. I haven't touched this amp in about a year but when I used to play it, it was beautiful. I took it to get serviced because if you know anything about this baby, it's an old amp. This amp is older than I am but in beautiful working order. I've re tubed it about 4 times. This amp was definitely something I felt passionate about. It comes inside of a roadcase which has some minor surface scratches. Its still very sturdy and no cracks or gashes into it. The case locks tight and will keep the head safe. The head itself, like I said, is old but there's nothing missing from it visually. All of the controls are still there and very clear. The reverb does not work because there is no reverb tank. I'm going to include the foot switch that I use for it to change from lead to clean. I never got it to work changing from clean to channel 2 with that switch but it never really mattered to me. The serial number is 15073 which means it was one of the earlier MKIII amps in production. It has one of the rare 105 output transformers that the MKIIC's had giving it a totally different sound than other MKIII's. This amp is definitely for someone who likes to fine tune their settings to get their sound. I'm asking for $800 for this including shipping. I need money for when school starts. Art supplies are very expensive.

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