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Looking for some advice. There is this girl that I know in high school (7 years ago) and I never really paid attention to her. Lately shes been facebook messaging me a lot and it seems like one of those "oh i had a secret crush on you" type things (her having the crush on me. I dont want this to happen. I have no idea how to set it straight that i dont want a relationship or anything of that sort with her? how do I do this?
Show her the "how about no" bear picture.
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Tell her what you just told us. I dont want to be in relationship or dating situation.
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Don't be an asshole. She's just telling you. When she starts saying "I want a relationship" then that's when you say "no."
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I would say relationship thread, but if you don't care about what people think about you, or the consequences, cuss her out. Otherwise, kindly talk until the question comes up, and then let her off nice and easy. Offer to be a friend. Iff she dissappears, good riddance.
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stay friends with her but once you see she's coming on to you, tell her you dont want to be with her.
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lol thanks pit for some reason these answers dont make sense in my mind until i hear them from someone else
Show her your dick.
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Ask the relationship thread.

Anytime you need to say the phrase, "so there's this girl..." You consult them.


This, or take it to the Hugging Thread, even though they tend to deal with the other side of thing (break ups) you get advice, AND free hugs!!!!
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whats the females name? I'll straighten her out
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a) she is just telling you. just sit an listen
b) If she is hot: give her penis
b) If she is not hot: block her
c) get nudes, post here.