Hey, I'm planning on taking the frets off my old bass guitar. I was wondering what materials i would need to do this? any tips on how to take the frets off would be nice too.
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at a bare minumum you will need
a fret puller
leveling tool
fretwire, obvious
a fret bender (unless you'd prefer to do it manually - long time needed to do so & patience)
fret dresser
fret cutter
a fret press or hammer. your choice (hammer = cheaper and more skill press = simple, easy, more costly)
fret tang nipper (to narrow a frets tang)
fret file

i believe thats all, add on as needed/comment

*remove strings
*loosen truss rod so it isnt adding relieve or adding bow
*remove frets, i prefer the "walk out" method.
*measure width of neck for each fret.
*cut fret wire to lengths, give yourself about 1/16th inch extra when cutting
*trim fret tang. (more tang left on = more neck backbow and the tighter it stays in the neck,
less tang = increase in relief with tesion on neck + may be loose without fret glue) "add glue to list above lol
*put the frets in the neck
*tape off the spaces between frets.
*cut the excess edge off the frets then trim them. (cut the sand with tools you just acqured)
*use the leveler to make all frets even (also make sure the level is the same diameter as your guitar/bass neck)
*use the fret dresser to dress frets
*then polish (optional but id say do it anyway. leads to smooth frets for better play)

please look up any terms not making sense to you. As its 3a.m. when i have first posted this, i may have left something out. please add if something is missing.

Addition: for a price on equipment look around. stewmac.com is a good place to start though as they have all tools mentioned here
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um, i think he wanted to remove the frets, not replace the frets.

in other news, i just did this to an old crappy bass neck but i did it completely wrong because the neck was shocking and my new one was on its way.
so i am sorry that i cannot comment on this properly.
i pulled the fretwire out with a small chisel very carefully (just popped it underneath the edge on the side and lifted, then grabbed the wire with some pliers and pulled)
and then i saw some dude on this forum that used wood filler to fill the gaps, so i tried that, then sanded it back smooth, down to a really smooth grit sand paper.

it looks nice, but then i got carried away making it so smooth so my fretboard is so thin lol (like i said it didnt matter to me lol)

EDIT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=115gvPzHMqw forgot to tell you to go and google it. there are hundreds of guides online that youtube video is a series about it
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thanks guys...i did mean to remove the frets and not replace them. Im planning on using a soldering iron and a tool to get the frets out then applying wood filler. is there anything else i might need or do you think im good?
from what I've heard (this is not from any personal experience) heat frets, use pliers of some kind to pull out frets, fill gaps.

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