So, the band I'm In has been really getting to work. We are fInIshIng up a few songs and are going to be joInIng up with some popular bands In are area that dig are stuff. Here Is the problem, I've never played out, I'm nervous as hell, the bands that are hooking us up are good friends and I don't want to let them down,
and I get nervous when people stare at me when I play...

what do I do? disgues maybe?
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You need to get really, really drunk.
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not sure if i want to get really really drunk
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just man up and embrace the spotlight. if you get up there and have the idea in your head that you're the man, then youll play great. if you go up there second guessing yourself youre more likely to slip up just because of the self doubt
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Yes! You deserve a high five in the spirit of Jim Henson.

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its totally natural...truthfully you should go out there and do your best but expect to screw up. It happens sometimes. Just get up there and play. Feel the music and for the love of god stay away from the Crabcore moves and you should be fine.

And most importantly enjoy it...if it isn't fun its not worth doing.
One thing I actually do, is play for people on chatroulette.......they're gonna be as harsh as it gets no matter what, so you get used to it. I do that like twice a week.

NOTE: Many hairy male genitals on there, but if you don't mind coming across them (no pun intended) and just playing for the non-perverts, it actually helps.
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You will be fine, just don't expect to be perfect when you start playing. Just have a good time and remember that is what it is all about!
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