Bugera V22:

well by appearance it is very clean and appealing. white front and knobs look great, and everything is CLEAN. the back of this amp is IMPRESSIVE. oh yeah its open back. everything is well labeled and highly accessable and self explanatory. you dont need to be an electrician to know how to work on it. evne the fuse and bias adjustment are right there in your face when you look at the back. a monkey could literally work on this amp. everything is well laid out and well put together. this thing is SOLID. i cant belive for about 400 retail you get a complex machine as well laid out and clean as this. the on light is a ruby blue. super cool.

The body is plywood covered with leather looking vynl. it is very solid and sturdy. impressed. thing is kinda heavy. probably weights what seems like about 40 pounds.

basic settings, footswitch with reverb and channel select, boost switch, presence, master and individual volumes. bright and normal inputs. triode and pentode mode, 3 different ohm settings, FX loop. Standby.


to start off, reverb is not bad. i find it is best in moderation, but most of the time reverb always is. for stock on a 400 dollar amp, definitely not bad. FX loops works as advertised, but i really dont have an application for it too much. hey it works.

triode/pentode mode makes a noticable difference. immediately cuts power, and removes punch. makes a mellow sound.

note: use BRIGHT input for 70-80s high treble sunding metal, use the NORMAL input if you need more LOW END. IT IS AMAZING THE DIFFERENCE IN LOW END fom using these inputs. for example i was playing Dr. Feelgood by motley crue. the intro palm muted riff on open low E did not sound good on bright but was WAY better on normal. dont forget about these inputs!!!!! could really help you with your tone.

i use bright normally. sounds good with my guitar and EQ

the boost switch adds a mid boost, and i use mids so i love it. presence adds a bit more attack and clarity to your notes. makes em stand out more. gives them some punch. rlling it all the way back might make you mushy. everything is very responsive, even a 1/2 notch adjustment on the master makes a noticable difference.

seems very durable, 2 button with about a 20 foot chord. i see no reason it would break any time soon.

perfect for classic rock and hard rock. 20 watts of 3 12ax7 (i think) and 2 EL84s. can get loud. definitely loud enough to be heard over a drumset. gigable, but may need to mic'ed if the venue is large enough. pentode mode is mean and a decent master volume and gain on about 4-5 with the boost makes this baby growl. i keep it on about 3, with my les paul on about 7 guitar volume and it growls great for rhythm. switch on your pedal with a little gain and some more volume gives a boosted lead tone. perfect.

cleans. good. great. WAY better than expected. i would suggest used TRIODE mode for soft rock or cleans. it cuts power, and mellows out the sound. very bluesy, and makes strumming les harsh and more flowing and smooth. kick in the PENTODE if you want more punch and edgyness OR your on stage and need to put out a lot more power.

for high gain? you will need a pedal. even then, its probably not the ideal amp. i was just rocking RATM and Dio and it did fine in my bedroom. i turn it clean, and use my pedal with the distortion/gain cranked. by the way, it takes pedals very well. reacts to pedal far differently in teh FX loop or in front...as it should. basicalyl everything works great.


for what i paid, i cant find one thing. there is nothing faulty or low quality about it. i couls say its no marshall, but thas not a valid point. THE ONLY THING is the tube cover. despite its easy layout in the back, they put a cover over the tubes, secured by about 10 screws, some of which are hard to get too. if a tube blows at a gig, you might be out of luck for atleast 30 min.

solution - take it off, or remove about 6 of the 10 screws so its easier to take off. tubes are clearly visible but again they are literally incarcerated into your amp by this contraption.


for retail of 400 (i paid 350 plus tax) i would challenge anyone to find a better 20 watt combo amp. the only on i could maybe suggest is a Jet City 20 watt. great sound, and very good quality for basically a budget tube amp. however, this is a great product. because tube amps range from 350 to 2000+ its on the bottom. however that in no way means this is a cheap or unsatisfactory product. i think for the money paid, anyone should be happy with this amp.

reliability will be noted in the future.