Hey guys,

Thanks for the advice about the string skipping. It's really helped me heaps!
OK, so I've hit yet ANOTHER semi roadblock. I've looked at videos for palm muting, and tried to do it, but it just doesn't sound right.
First of all, my guitar's an Ibanez (I don't know if the kind of bridge it has has anything to do with the ease of muting). Secondly, I just don't know how to place my palm to get the right sound, like the chug chug chug kinda sound that you hear in a lot of heavy metal.
Any ideas would be awesome!
Thanks guys!

It depends on a few things. You'll be able to accomplish palm muting on any guitar, but your amp settings play a big factor..mess around with you treble, mid, and bass to see where you start getting the right sound. Like anything else, just keep practicing...its one of those things where once you figure it out, you're set.
Honestly bud, you may need to experiment a bit. It's a little different on every guitar where the "sweet spot" is. When I went from my Les Paul to a new Schecter, it was a little strange. I try to place the side of my palm almost (but not quite) fully on top of the bridge itself and pick the bottom string open to start with, then try some other notes, then move on to bar chords that are palm muted so you get a more full sound. Shift your hand a little bit upwards if it doesn't sound right until you hit that sweet spot. You don't need to apply a lot of pressure either. When you master it, you'll be able to not only get that cool chugging sound, but you'll also be able to mute the strings completely very quickly if you want to stop playing abruptly. Great for certain metal songs.

Do you have a 6 or 7 string guitar? If you have a 7 string, or tune low, I suggest trying Fear Factory songs. Some of them are very fast, but there are a lot of palm mutes, and they help you build speed alt. picking, and if approached slowly at first, are great exercises for all metal music. If you have a 6 string, and you don't wish to go as low as B or A, stay at C and above with bands like DevilDriver, Lamb of God and Trivium. Or if you're not into anything that heavy either, even an Alt. Rock (or slightly Metal) band like Alice In Chains does palm muting quite a bit. They're at C# (Drop D and half a step down) tuning so it won't be too strange for you or wacky for your guitar if you're in that tuning temporarily. Remember if you're going to drop it down low and stay there for an extended period of time, adjust the truss rod.

That's exactly what I've been trying to say.

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you want chug
bridge pup
gain up
put the flashy part of the side of your hand where the strings start experiment on where to get the best chugging sound
ive had no problem with palm muting on an ibanez
place palm at the end of bridge slightly and strum
mines a bit different but it should work for you
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